The Scottish Interdisciplinary Research in Sexual Health (IRESH) Network establishes a national forum to strategically co-ordinate and plan research related to sexual health and blood borne viruses (BBV) in Scotland.

The IRESH Network aims to:

  • Promote national sexual health research leadership and co-ordination
  • Champion a sexual health research agenda
  • Facilitate partnerships among those engaging in research related to sexual health and BBV across Scotland, including academics, postgraduate students, practitioners, and third sector groups
  • Promote knowledge exchange and impact around research outputs with national and international stakeholders, including policy makers, health professionals and the public
  • Foster innovation and collaboration
  • Further develop research capacity in sexual health and BBV research in Scotland
  • Support members to deliver sexual health and BBV research excellence


The Network provides a forum to discuss and collaborate around the research agenda in Scotland and coordinate delivery of research and impact related to the Scottish Government’s Sexual Health & BBV Framework Outcomes:

  1. Fewer newly acquired blood borne virus and sexually transmitted infections; fewer unintended pregnancies
  2. A reduction in the health inequalities gap in sexual health and BBV
  3. People affected by BBV lead longer, healthier lives with a good quality of life
  4. Sexual relationships are free from coercion and harm
  5. A society where the attitudes of individuals, the public, professionals and the media in Scotland towards sexual health and BBV are positive, non-stigmatising and supportive


Network activities are led by a Steering Group, the current Co-Chairs of which are Dr Carrie Purcell (MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow) and Dr Ingrid Young (Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh).  Co-Chairs rotate annually across institutions.

We welcome anyone with an interest in sexual health and BBV research in Scotland to become a member of the Network.

If you want to join the Network, you can do so quickly and easily HERE or see our quick sign-up on the top right hand side of the page.