A call is out for applications for the Scottish Government’s Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework Third Sector Funding Programme 2018/19 – 2020/21.

The Scottish Government is refreshing its programme of third sector funding in support of the Sexual Health and BBV Framework’s Outcomes. This change takes account of the developing environment in which the Framework is delivered and provides an opportunity for the third sector to address current challenges in innovative or collaborative ways.

The budget for this programme is £600k per year, for 3 years from the financial year
2018/19 (subject to Spending Review).
The Scottish Government is looking for applications from interested third sector organisations to bid for funding from this budget. The available funding will be divided into three funding streams:
 Stream 1: Advocacy, Engagement and Capacity Building (up to £200k)
 Stream 2: Sexual Health Improvement, Healthy Attitudes to Sex and BBVs
(up to £250k)
 Stream 3: Innovative and Targeted Projects (up to £150k)

The budgets allocated to each Stream are indicative and are only guidance. Strong bids that exceed this indicative threshold for each Stream (or for combinations of streams) will not necessarily be unsuccessful. The comparative size of the indicative budget for each Stream is based on the range of outcomes we expect to be served by each Stream.
Bids can be made for part of, or for the full amount allocated to each Stream commensurate with the scope of the proposed projects.
Bids under Streams 1 and 2 are expected to be for three year funding. Bids against Stream 3 can be made for projects of 1, 2 or 3 years durations.
Interested parties can submit one or more project proposals for funding from one, two or all three Streams.
Joint bids that draw on the experience and expertise of different organisations are acceptable. Joint bids should be submitted by a lead organisation for the collaboration.

Minimum Criteria
We are keen to see applicants innovate, and think of different ways of making good use of this funding. However, as a minimum, any successful bids will be expected to be able to meet the following criteria:

  •  Bids for funding must be submitted on the application template, by the specified application deadline, Friday 6th October.
  •  Projects/activities for which funding is sought need to directly contribute to one or more Framework Outcomes and the application must demonstrate an evidence- based rationale. Bidding organisations should seek to draw on Scottish, UK and international best practice.
  •  Proposals need to outline how projects will engage with their target populations.
  •  Projects should, where possible, contribute to tackling health inequalities in Scotland and would normally be expected to include underserved, vulnerable or hard to reach populations.
  •  Projects need to deliver value for money and have clearly defined outcomes and demonstrate how impact will be evaluated.
  •  Interested organisations should outline how they will support collaboration, avoid duplication and support knowledge exchange with other third sector organisations.
  •  Proposals need to demonstrate how the organisation(s) would co-operate effectively with SG, NHS, and other delivery partners.
  •  Proposals need to outline an exit strategy for the funded activity and the organisation, for the period towards the end of agreed funding.
     Proposals need to demonstrate how their work will provide benefit throughout Scotland, including in urban and rural areas, as well as remote and island communities.
  •  Organisations should demonstrate existing and/or relevant knowledge, experience and skills that will benefit the implementation of their proposals in Scotland.




22 August

Call for applications and guidance issued

1 September

Deadline for questions – SG to respond to all within a week

6 October

Bidding process closes

First week of December

Announcement of outcome

1 April 2018

New funding arrangements commence

  1. Questions regarding this application can be submitted to Hannes Neugebauer hannes.neugebauer@gov.scot by 1 September. There will be a response to all questions by 8 September 2017.
  1. Completed applications containing an application form and two annual financial reports need to be submitted by email to erin.haggie@gov.scot by 6 October 2017.
New funding available for 3rd sector organisations