Steering Group

Current members of the Steering Group are:

Current Chair

Jamie Frankis
Glasgow Caledonian University

About me: I am a Senior Lecturer in Research Methods within the School of Health and Life Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University and lead the School’s Research Methods teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. After gaining my PhD in 2012 from GCU, I have been principal investigator on the SMMASH (Social Media, Men who have sex with men and sexual/holistic health) studies (2013, 2016) and Scotland’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Bar Surveys (2017, 2020). I have expertise in sexual health/HIV, research with LGBT and PLWHA communities, quantitative and qualitative methodologies and behavioural surveillance technologies, including unlinked anonymous HIV and Hepatitis C testing.
Sector: Academia
Research interests: My main research interests relate to understanding and promoting holistic sexual health. I am particularly interested in the impact of syndemics on health, particularly inequalities in sexual health, mental health, substance (mis)use and physical activity and the impact of new technologies on health. My recent research has looked at sociosexual media and health, HIV and STI testing, PrEP acceptability, self-testing and self-sampling technologies, the nexus of location/health, sexual identities and chemsex. I consider myself a mixed methods researcher, with experience of large scale survey technologies, online research, interview and focus group methodologies, intervention development, systematic reviewing, process evaluation, multivariate statistics, thematic analysis, IPA and intervention development/evaluation.

Deputy Chair

Julie Riddell
MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
About me: I joined the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in March 2013 as a research assistant for the Sexual Health programme and currently work within the Social Relationships and Health Improvement programme. I have a particular interest in the practical application of research findings to shape and change policies and individual behaviours.
Sector: academic
Research interests: Sexual health, HPV, autonomy of young people, sexual health literacy and the practical application of research findings to shape and change policies and individual behaviours

Kirstin Mitchell
MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
About me: I’m a Senior Research Fellow at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow where I lead a theme of research on intimate and sexual relationships. Much of my current work centres on the design and evaluation of interventions addressing sexual health issues, but I’m also a team member of the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, focusing on sexual function and wellbeing aspects of the survey. I have spent many years living and working in Africa, and remain keenly interested in sexual and reproductive health issues pertinent to resource-poor settings.
Sector: Academic
Research Interests: Sex education in schools; young people’s sexual health; gender based violence; sexual function; sexual wellbeing; sexuality and health in later life; sex and intimate relationships; design and evaluation of interventions; qualitative research; measure development

Carrie Purcell
MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
About me: I am a qualitative social science researcher with a background in sociology. I am currently based at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow, where I work as a Research Associate in the Social Relationships and Health Improvement Programme.
Sector: Academic
Research interests: My central research interests relate to abortion and contraception, including women’s experiences of services and treatment, and healthcare professionals’ experiences of provision. I am also currently involved in one trial of a school-based peer supporter intervention focused on improving young people’s sexual health knowledge, and another looking at the social and emotional wellbeing of children transitioning from primary to secondary school. My broader interests span medical sociology, health and wellbeing, embodiment, gender and healthcare provision. I am a primarily qualitative researcher with experience of planning and implementing in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic methods, content analysis, mixed methods/survey research, and process evaluations of complex interventions.

Karen Lorimer 
Glasgow Caledonian University
About me: I am a medical sociologist and Senior Research Fellow. After I gained my PhD in 2006 (University of Glasgow) I worked as a contract researcher at University of Glasgow Public Health and then the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit before gaining a permanent research contract at Glasgow Caledonian University in 2009.  I was an inaugural cohort member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland (2011-2016) and I am a member of the Global Young Academy (2013-2018), and Executive Committee member of the GYA.  I run the UKs Sexual Health Research Network and I am a member of the Scottish Government’s National Monitoring and Research Group for the Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus Framework for Scotland.
Sector: Academia
Research interests: Sexual wellbeing, holistic sexual health, gender-based violence, capabilities approach, masculinities, gender, qualitative methods, systematic review methods.
Twitter: @KLO_12 and @SHRN_UK

Ima Jackson
Glasgow Caledonian University
About me: I’m an experienced clinician, lecturer, researcher and project manager and have spent most of my career working with marginalised groups: initially pregnant women in the poorest parts of London and Glasgow, and in more recent years with refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland. I am a community engaged researcher and work with migrant and established Black and minority ethnic communities, helping them to articulate their experiences towards the Academy and towards policy makers.
Sector: Academia
Research interests: My broader research interest is in transnational workforce issues, ethical recruitment processes, migrant health and healthcare infrastructure needs and gendered migration policy. I currently work with cross-party parliamentarians, migrant organisations, activists, artists, researchers and policymakers investigating and supporting the development of Scotland’s local, national and international perspective on aspects of migration and immigration within the context of increased devolution, post the referendum. I am co convenor of Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet:

Ingrid Young
University of Edinburgh 
About me: I am a Chancellor’s Fellow in the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. As a social scientist with training in sociology and history, my research looks at the interface of biomedicine and public health, specifically in the areas of emerging biotechnologies in HIV and sexual health. From 2011 – 2016, I worked as a Research Fellow in sexual health in the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow.
Sector: Academia
Research Interests: HIV, PrEP, Treatment as Prevention, Gender, LGBT communities, Participatory Research

Nicola Boydell
University of Edinburgh
About me: I am a social scientist with a background in sociology and applied health research, and I am currently employed as a Research Fellow currently within the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. I am primarily a qualitative researcher and have been involved in a range of qualitative, and mixed-methods, projects exploring social and cultural dimensions of sexual and reproductive health. I have considerable experience of using qualitative methods in my work including; in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic methods, qualitative content analysis, and health service evaluation. My research interests include medical sociology, social aspects of health and illness, exploring innovative methods for qualitative research, engaging and involving communities in applied health research, and the evaluation of sexual and reproductive health interventions.
Sector: Academia
Research interests: Sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing, HIV, sexual health of young MSM, LGBT communities, contraceptive practices, qualitative methods.

Sally Brown
Edinburgh Napier University
About me: I am a lecturer in sociology at Edinburgh Napier University, specialising in the Sociology of  health and illness. I am an experienced qualitative researcher, and have completed a number of studies with young people, looking particularly at their use of contraception. I have also carried out a study of multi-generational experiences of teenage parenting, which resulted in my book, Teenage Pregnancy, Parenting and Intergenerational Relations, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2016.
Sector: Academia
Research interests: Young people’s sexual health; contraception and risk; teenage parenting; young people’s mental health; sociology of diagnosis

Daniela Brawley
NHS Grampian
About me: I am currently a Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV within NHS Grampian Sexual Health Service, with a specialist interest in outreach sexual health services, offender sexual health and sexual violence management. Furthermore I was also appointed HIV Clinical lead for the NHS Grampian Sexual Health and BBV in 2016 and represent Grampian on the Scottish HIV Lead Clinicians Group. I am also interested in peer support and networking through sexual health in Scotland and from 2015 have been chair of the Scottish branch of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH). As a trainee in Genitourinary Medicine and HIV in Sandyford Glasgow I was also involved in the Archway Sexual Assault Referral Center and have trained as a Sexual Offences Examiner. In addition I am a current member and previous secretary of the BASHH Sexual Violence Group and previous secretary.
Sector: Clinical
Research interests: HIV testing, sexual violence, outreach services

Duncan Mccormick
NHS Lothian


Sharon Cameron
NHS Lothian
About me: Consultant Gynaecologist, Chalmers Centre and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Honorary  Reader, University of Edinburgh. Clinical Lead for Sexual Health Services in NHS Lothian. Co- director of Clinical Effectiveness Unit (Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare). Over 20 years of clinical research experience in field of contraception and reproductive health.
Sector: Clinical NHS Sexual Health
Research interests: My research interests include contraception, prevention and management of unintended pregnancy and genital tract infection. My research involves a mixture of clinical trials, biomedical studies and health services research


Yvonne Kerr
NHS Lothian
About me: Assistant Programme Manager for Sexual Health and BBVs, supporting NHS Lothian to work towards the outcomes in the Sexual Health and BBV Framework.  Have a lead for young people, but also support the wider sexual health and BBV agenda, particularly around men who have sex with men.  Work within a public health/health improvement framework.
Sector: Public Sector (NHS)
Research interests: I am particularly interested in research that can enable services to made improvements in order to meet identified needs, matching up theory with practice.  Research into behavioural change, and how this can be supported, is also of key interest.


Eric Chen
NHS Lothian


Nicky Coia
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


Lorraine Forster
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
About me: I work in Sandyford, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde as Nurse Consultant and Head of Profession Sexual Health. My leadership and management roles include Professional Governance, Research, Gender Based Violence, Service and Quality Improvement and Leading Change.
Sector: Clinical NHS Sexual Health
Research interests: Gender Based Violence, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Caring & Compassion in HealthCare.

Grant Sugden
Waverley Care
About me: Grant Sugden, Chief Executive of Waverley Care, Scotland’s HIV and Hepatitis C charity
Sector: third sector
Research interests: Waverley Care works with all communities living with or at risk of HIV and Hepatitis C and is interested in research in all these areas.

Mildred Zimunya
Waverley Care

Kelsey Smith
HIV Scotland
About me: Policy and Campaigning Officer at HIV Scotland. I lead work at HIV Scotland in stigma, HIV prevention, employment and criminal justice.
Sector: Third Sector
Research interests: HIV Scotland is the national HIV policy organisations for Scotland. We exist on behalf of those living with and at risk of HIV to ensure that Scotland has responsive policies, quality service and a supportive environment that enable people living with HIV to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Our work involves people living with and at risk of HIV and is grounded in evidence based research.