New lay research panel

BASHH and THT have worked in collaboration to form a new lay research panel. This panel aims to help researchers planning and conducting sexual health focused research to obtain lay review for their project. This could be early on in the project, when research questions are being decided and protocols written, or much later when decisions are being made about how to disseminate results.

The research panel is recruited from the general public. Members undergo and induction programme of online and face-to-face training.

Researchers are invited to submit their research proposal to the panel. After a three-week review period, a meeting is held online with the researcher and the panel to provide feedback on the proposal.

If your research has funding for patient and public involvement already, then you will be asked to contribute £225 to the cost of the review. If your project is in an earlier stage of development (e.g. Funding application stage) then the cost will be supported by BASHH.

If you would like to know more about the lay research panel, or to apply for a review, then please visit  or contact